Simple Tips for Family Photo Outfit Selection

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  1. Color Coordination is Key: Forget matching outfits; instead, opt for coordinating colors. Create a palette with three to four colors, ensuring a nice balance for everyone. Draw inspiration from your home decor to guarantee a cohesive look that will stand out on your walls.

  2. Flatter Your Shape: Dress in a way that flatters your body and boosts confidence. 

  3. Limit Patterns: While patterns are fun, they can be distracting in family photos. Limit them to one family member for groups of two to five, maintaining a clean and cohesive aesthetic.

  4. Avoid Characters and Logos: Keep it simple by avoiding distracting elements like cartoon characters, graphics, and large logos. Opt for solid colors or subtle patterns to maintain a timeless look.

  5. Embrace Textures: Add depth to your outfits by incorporating textures, such as chunky knit sweaters or cardigans. Textures provide visual interest without overwhelming the photo.

  6. Accessorize Smartly: Elevate your outfits with accessories that add personality without distracting from your faces. Think earrings, bracelets, statement necklaces, watches, scarves—details that complete the look.

  7. Skip Neon and Bright Colors: Vibrant colors can cast strange hues in photos. Opt for pastels, jewel tones, navy, white, or cream, as they tend to photograph well. Avoid neon and super bright shades that may not translate well on camera.

  8. Prioritize Comfort for Kids: Dress the little ones in comfortable attire. Avoid itchy fabrics, uncomfortable shoes, and outfits that may make them too hot or cold. Happy, comfortable kids make for better photos.

  9. Keep it Timeless: Aim for classic options to ensure your family photos remain timeless. Avoid overly trendy outfits that may make you cringe when looking back in the future.

    Most important, wear a smile and be ready to enjoy yourself!