Michael Hewitt, our owner and head wedding photographer, is crazy passionate about weddings and it shows through his work. His goal is to let the camera be a witness to your celebration while providing an editorial flair. 'Contemporary wedding photography', may best describe his style. To put that simply, he aims to let photographs tell the story of one of the most memorable experiences of your life with as little interference from himself as possible, though he is quick to step in and direct when needed. In fact, we've often seen him jump into the role of wedding coordinator without missing a beat.

Michael's intent with every photograph he takes is to make it 'pop'. Rich, vibrant, images are his specialty. He wants your personality to come through in every picture. More important than his style though is his ability to connect with clients. He has a real knack for putting people instantly at ease and making them laugh. You would never have to worry about being comfortable in front of his camera. We actually had a bride describe him as "everyone's insta-best friend". He still calls it his favorite compliment of his work.

In addition to Mike's expressive photography for your wedding day, you will receive five-star customer service at every step of the way with us. Caitlin, our office manager, will be there to answer any question, at any time, with a smile. She really gets great joy out of assisting clients and making their experience with us as smooth and simple as possible. She has been known to have a mini-panic attack when she can't answer an email fast enough. Semi-kidding there. But she does know that you have a lot on your plate at this time and she wants hiring a photographer to be as effortless as possible for you.

With Glitter Lens Wedding Photography you always get kick ass customer service, photography that pops and a photographer that rocks!

Email [email protected] with questions and to check availability. 

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