Heirloom Wedding Albums

When your wedding day is over, the cake has been eaten, the flowers have wilted, the dress been put away, what will you have left to remember your day by? Your beautiful photos of course.

Sharing your photos on Facebook and having a lovely 4x6 print on your desk are great, but nothing can compare to having your personal pieces of art displayed in a timeless wedding album. A family heirloom to be viewed and shared for generations. A professional album designer will tell the story of your wedding day though your meticulously crafted wedding album. Costs are as followed:

Design Fee

Service Cost per album design
Photo selection and album design done by a professional designer $200

Main Albums

Size Base Cost (first 10 spreads*) Cost per additional spread
8x8 $400 + $200 design fee $16
10x10 $600 + $200 design fee $22
12x12 $800 + $200 design fee $24

*A spread is two pages side-by-side

Page Options

Page Options Additional cost per album
Rigid Standard Pages $0
Rigid Thick Pages $125

Cover Options

Cover Options Additional cost per album
Wraparound Photo Cover $0
Leather Spine Cover $150
Leather Spine with Acrylic Cover $180
Full Leather Cover $180
Full Leather with Cameo Cover $200
Gift Albums

A smaller replica of the Main Album

Size Base (includes 10 spreads) Cost per additional spread
6x6 $300 $12
8x8 $500 $16
2 6x6 Bundle $350 $12
8x8 + 4x4 Bundle $650 $16